Our Vision

STEM Education for All


In the Classroom:

Inner City Science is a Denver based nonprofit that partners with schools and teachers in the Denver Public School system.  We work with teachers to create activities and experiments that will complement their existing curriculum and provide their students with a tailored, hands on experience because no one understands their students' needs better than the teachers.  We are completely funded by grants,  so we are able to do this at no cost to the school or teachers.   We aim to help provide teachers and students with resources they may not otherwise have access to. 

In the Community:

Fostering creativity and curiosity outside the classroom can help students in the classroom; therefore, we also aim to get STEM education into the Denver community.  We are working with local libraries to provide tutoring, free of charge on the weekends, as well as providing experiments and activities that can be performed at home.  Helping students see that they are surrounded by science can help promote their want to learn science.


Meghan Pearson
Executive Director,

Inner City Science

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