Sites We Love

In the age of the internet, we have so many resources available to us at the click of a browser.  However, we also know it can be challenging to weed out the good sources from the bad ones.  That is why we have chosen to share a few of our favorite blogs, magazines, and ideas pages.  

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contagious writing

Lauren is a close friend to Inner City Science, and we just love her blog.  She was working on her PhD in Immunology when she realized her true passion was writing.  Enjoy her work in both fiction and nonfiction at her site, and feel free to like her on Facebook.


Scientific American

Scientific American is a popular science publication.  It is the science magazine with the longest history of publication, and many scientists have produced articles for the publication, but its articles are very readable while still providing interesting and recent science articles.

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This hilarious site of comics is geared towards the STEM minded.  While students may not get all the jokes, our guess is that parents will have some good giggles.  Also, check out Randall Munroe's book "What If" for all the math questions you never knew to ask


Faces of Stem

Inner City Science's Blog Spot for learning about Science, volunteer opportunities, activities to do at home, and more!